>The beer, the dogs, and the bra–a 4th of July Story

>Don’t get excited; this is not that good of a story–but the title totally rocked; didn’t it?

For the 4th of July the husband and I were invited over to a small party at a co-worker’s. Since I hang out with these people I guess it is appropriate to call them friends, but still, I am working from a place of accuracy. 🙂
Anywhoodle, I brought the dogs (my furballs; not the hotdogs) and they proceded to play with their 3 dogs. So, we had quite the pack of beasts running around–but all actually quite well behaved. I brought beer. and then, to celebrate the 4th and my continued good health I drank beer (and pomegranate martinis – yum!).
When I first came to St. Croix back in 2007 I noticed then that this island–well, I can’t think of how to put it delicately–no-one seems to wear a bra. Since I came here for work (at a refinery, which has fires, and I don’t reccommend wearing things like polyester) the only support garments I brought were cotton sports bras. Comfy, utilitarian, and if I was sporting the dreaded “uni-boob” who really cared? I was wearing fire retardant coveralls. But then I started making nice with people, and getting invited out, and I realized (with horror) that it was in fact innapropriate to wear pajamas to the bar (well, kind of innapropriate anyway). So the uniboob look was out. When I ran back to Chicago the first thing I did was find a few well fitting bras and throw them in the suitcase. So when I was getting dressed for the small party I thought I should bust out a bra. I now know why no-one wears them here. It is too hot. This is just a small tip for those of you coming to visit. 🙂 The fashion tip for this island is “comfy”.

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