>Hey folks

>Sorry it has been a while, things have been stressful since my birthday (July 1st). Turns out the ever dreaded $$$ for me to work at the refinery ran out the day before my birthday; no-one told me so I continued to work. Long story short–I was fought for, but $$$ officially runs out at the end of September. So that combined with more layoffs, well, things are tough. However, you all know that, things are tough everywhere. I am blessed to have a job. No matter how annoyingly irritating people can be to deal with, I am still happy to have a job to deal with them.

I have news regarding the apartment. First off, they have totally fixed the road. Well, its still dirty, but it has been graded. Holy crap is that exciting. It is smooth sailing up and down that thing. It is almost a pleasure to leave my apartment now. Secondly, I have new neighbors. I still have my crazy neighbor, but he is moving out (or so I hear). But there are two new people in the “main house”. And wait for it; they seem totally normal!!! Now, obviously, this normal thing is a sliding scale but here is some compelling evidence that they are in fact, normal (ish): they invited us to dinner one night with some of their friends and we all got along–with much laughter. This shows 1. they have maintained friendships and 2. since they find me entertaining they have a GREAT sense of humor ;). Then, we all met up at the rib cook off (where I kid you not, I never got to eat a rib–because they ran out within the first hour) where we all bought alternating rounds of beer and later that night we play Wii Bowling at their house (btw: I am NOT good at bowling, Wii or otherwise). So yes, normal, kind, and fun. I don’t know if I will get ANY good stories out of them; but I will probably have more fun up here.

Wilkes (husband) and I took the dogs to the beach on Saturday after the “rib” cook-off (you know, the one with no ribs?). I was swimming and dragged Life (big dog) into the ocean–she was NOT happy with this plan at all. Teak (small dog) on the other hand was happy as a clam. I swam all the way out, he happily paddled next to me. When I stopped swimming he swam around me in circles. Just to experiment, I grabbed onto his tail. No kidding, he pulled me all the way into shore. Life sulked behind a tree. I swam out again, he “saved” me again. Teak and I have a new fun game. 🙂 Life, meanwhile, will hide behind a tree.

I guess thats about it for now. Hope all is well with ya’ll.
Miss you.

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