these damn assholes.  seriously. SERIOUSLY? They are playing yo-yo with my GODDAMN LIFE.   Yes, I freakin’ love it here.  Yes, I love the work.  But Holy Fucking Shit if you want me to feel all warm and cozy to you pieces of shit when you hide things like, “oh yeah, you were supposed to be fired on June 30th; but sercurity forgot to deactivate your badge–so, uh, well, gee.  Sorry about that.  But don’t worry, your good *now* til september.”  Well gee fucking thanks.  I’m sorry.  I am filling a service for you here.  I am DOING MY GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING JOB.  Yes, it costs a hell of a lot because GUESS FUCKING WHAT? I work with a hazardous goddamn material.  Peoples fucking lives are in my GODDAMN hands–if I say something is okay and it’s not–they can die.  Again, the cost is not my freakin’ problem.  You wanted my ass here–I came.  I am doing my ever loving best.   And gee person who is my co-worker/friend who FUCKING KNEW ABOUT THIS…sure would have been fucking nice if you had told me.

I hate you all right now.

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