>And good morning to you Sir!

>So, this morning my alarm went off as I reached to grab it there was a spider almost 3" in diameter. On. My. Pillow.
I began talking to it as if it could listen, then trapped it into a container, shuffled onto my deck and sent it sailing into the rainforest.
If it comes back I shall put a collar on it, name if fluffy (it was hairy!), and teach it to cuddle.
Good morning!



>There is a storm. It's sorta coming.
It may be dubbed "Alex" but in all likelihood it will get smacked down by an opposing windsheer.
But that reminds me I forgot to tell ya'll–this year is forecasted to be a BAD hurricane year. So, just to let you know, I will be fine. I am not too worried. I am all stocked up on necessary stuff, blah blah blah. I do still need a tarp and potentially a chainsaw.
But other than that I'm good.
So, if a hurricane hits us, I will post a "im alive" posting as soon as I can. But, assume I am.

Holy Tired.

Hey folks. Sorry the smut has been, well, a lackin’ of late. I haven’t even had time to rub one out for almost a week. Probably indicative of the amount of shopping I have been doing. When I’m sexually satisfied, I am pretty damn chill and hate shopping. When I haven’t cum in a long time I buy a metric crap ton of (in this instance) craft supplies. I am embossing, stamping, embroidering, and bead stringing up a fucking storm lately. It’s…lame.

For the last week or so I have been “moonlighting” (shit, is that even a phrase anymore?) at yet another job. Mold abatement. Great Good Gods I cannot explain how much I HATE indoor air quality work. Although to be fair I hate ergonomics more. I’ve always been a ‘heavy industry’ gal (I know there is a vibrator joke in there…I’m just too tired to make it go). Anyway, the whole thing where office workers get chilly due to the a/c and then they start doing shit like propping open doors and taping closed vents…grrrr, don’t. fucking. do. that. Also, whenever you take a 200 year old building, put in a drop ceiling, randomly place drywall over an old bathroom, have some sort of special education program design the HVAC system, store a metric crap-ton of old molding documents, prop the doors open because you’re “too cold” and tape the vents closed to help “warm up”—keeping in mind this is a tropical fucking island do not be shocked by the mold problem.

Just. Saying.

Anywhoodle…I am pooped.

The husband shows up on Wednesday. I am a lot nervous, a little excited, and a whole bunch of fucking freaked out about the potential of accidentally getting knocked up since they yanked out my IUD. Wouldn’t that be awful!!! I’m still trying to decide if this marriage is going to work out. So, I’m picking up condoms on the off chance I get to get laid.

Next weekend, if there are no jobs going on…I want to stay very very still for the whole weekend. Although, I can say working with a dozen of 20-something sexy guys has not been ALL bad. J




>I. Am. A. Party. Animal!


Additionally, allow me to explain my stupidity.

So, I can hold my own in a group of dudes. I mean, I can put on a great professional face for the client and articulate myself well in a composed manner from a sound scientific position, however-stick me in a room (or rooms) with a group of laborers and I can truly hold my own. I will one-up them on naughty comments, have needed tools, know their use, crawl into inspection ports with no regard for cleanliness, etc.

And…in theory, I can outdrink a lot of them. I can certainly talk a good game anyway. Wanna know what I am doing on this rocking saturday night? That's right, I am watching bad tv while doing embroidery. Yeah, I'll take it easy, I know these crafts can be hard core.

Now, as to my stupidity. I tried to make my blackberry work faster by deleting a bunch of programs. Turns out–when you delete your operating system it causes ALL sorts of problems.

Sooo, back to my exciting evening. Please note–I am not complaining–this is exactly where I want to be. I just realized that there is a group of insulators out there who think I am out at a bar, drinking, dancing (probably on a bar), and carousing when in fact I am blogging, embroidering, drinking water, and watching (wait for it) Gilmore Girls.

Shooosh!!! You know you are jealous.




>They Are Everywhere!!

>Haha-dont worry, I haven't gone schizophrenic yet. But seriously, the millipedes are EVERYWHERE. In my bed, in my shoes, in my car, on my car, on my couch, crunch-squish-underfoot. I am SO over these damn things.

Oh. And tonight the ants have taken over my bed.

Somedays living in the rainforest aint all it's cracked up to be.

Besides that, work is…well, its friggin' busy.

Nope-still no "official" job–i even got ballsy enough to ask my poor beleaguered boss about it today. Seriously, every time I see that guy I think–poor bastard. His like has become budgets and meetings and he looks beat-up.

I have an office! I actually have an office, a lab, and another lab. Sounds fancy-pants don't it? Yeah, it's not. But I share an office with my sarcastic co-worker and I LOVE IT!!! He probably hates it but it is SO nice being around people again.

I thrive on busy-ness and people around me.

Anyway, there is my update.

Miss everyone a lot!!!