>I. Am. A. Party. Animal!


Additionally, allow me to explain my stupidity.

So, I can hold my own in a group of dudes. I mean, I can put on a great professional face for the client and articulate myself well in a composed manner from a sound scientific position, however-stick me in a room (or rooms) with a group of laborers and I can truly hold my own. I will one-up them on naughty comments, have needed tools, know their use, crawl into inspection ports with no regard for cleanliness, etc.

And…in theory, I can outdrink a lot of them. I can certainly talk a good game anyway. Wanna know what I am doing on this rocking saturday night? That's right, I am watching bad tv while doing embroidery. Yeah, I'll take it easy, I know these crafts can be hard core.

Now, as to my stupidity. I tried to make my blackberry work faster by deleting a bunch of programs. Turns out–when you delete your operating system it causes ALL sorts of problems.

Sooo, back to my exciting evening. Please note–I am not complaining–this is exactly where I want to be. I just realized that there is a group of insulators out there who think I am out at a bar, drinking, dancing (probably on a bar), and carousing when in fact I am blogging, embroidering, drinking water, and watching (wait for it) Gilmore Girls.

Shooosh!!! You know you are jealous.




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