>New Years, Work, and a whole lot of Wah!

>Hey folks. I have a cold. It’s not a particularly bad cold; just enough ickiness to put a damper on your day. Throat hurts, can only breathe out of one nostril…you know the deal. Between that and the fact that my face is bleeding like I have some sort of stigmata due to a new crop of acne which along with my new wrinkles makes me soooooo attractive. Yes, I know I am not supposed to pick. No, I don’t seem to be able to stop. Yes, I know that is a problem. But hey, I am freakin’ ROCKING the troll look.
What was I talking about; oh yeah. New Years. So, as most of you know it is going to be a Blue Moon on New Years Eve. Seriously. I think I may be afraid to go out. It’s going to be amatuer night + werewolves. *shaking head* Current plans include going over to a friends with the husband and dogs and apply moderate amounts of alcohol. *shrugs* Whenever I plan big it ends up very disappointing, so this year, planning small.
New Years Resolution: to write in this thing more. I am currently averaging about once per week–but I am thinking of trying to up it to 3 times per week. Don’t know, have some thoughts percolating and will keep ya’ll updated.
As an important sidenote: Soon Come the turnaround. The FCC (refinery thingy) is going down and 1500 unprepared contractors are, as I type, prepping to descend upon this island (some are here; some will be here later). They will arrive and it will be like they have never seen rum nor women before. *shrugs* looking on the bright side I should get some great stories out of this.
On the Dooley front–he has gone home as of last night. Bless that big hearted bafoon, he did not fit into our pack very well. It was an experience and things like that always keep me from getting a puppy! 🙂
*big hugs*

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