Things be alright.

So, back in the day I was married to a, for lack of a better term, deadbeat. So I was not without trepidation that I entered into my current relationship. This man moved thousands of miles to live with me and thankfully, I can say this has been the happiest time of my life.
What I have learned over the last couple of months has felt fairly epic but it really just boils down to no-one sees their own issues until you see them through someone else’s eyes. As an example, while cleaning out various rooms of my house I learned I have a complete aversion to closing doors. To my knowledge I have never been locked in anywhere but holy shit….I take doors off of pretty much anything I can and if I can’t take them off I block them open. I hadn’t shut the front door of my house in YEARS until recently. Yep, not a fan of doors. But lately (shut up) I have learned if you close the doors the dogs don’t get outside willy nilly and since outside is where the majority of trouble is found, well, now I get why these damn door things became so darn popular in the first place (shut. up.).
So, before the man got here I researched online for important (read: lame) articles about “are we ready to live together” and other such advice. What really threw me for a loop was the repeated advice that “if you are moving in together to save money–don’t”. I just could not understand this advice–who moves in together to “save money”? Two people living together costs MORE, not less. It was almost 72 hours (again with the shutting and the upping–I’m special) before I realized how incredibly fucked up my thought process truly was; in my mind two people did not equal two incomes, just me taking care of two people. So, with this realization I told the man that he needed to find a job asap and how would the household cost be split, etc. The man basically responded with, “duh. We split bills.” Then he moved in and found a job and all is so close to being amazing it boggles the mind (well, my mind). As he is working as an independent contractor (I hate working like that) and billing the ‘client’ he has yet to be paid and here we are over 35 days past his first invoice and if I eat any more ramen noodle, well, I would cry–except the amount of msg I am ingesting is desiccating my tear ducts. Regardless of the money situation, which should be fine as soon as ‘the client’ pays him, things are going very well in my life. Except I just found out I HAVE ANOTHER FLAT TIRE. Damn. Well, one rather awesome thing about having someone around who, while loving and respecting that I have the ability to change a tire myself, does not believe I should have to change the tire. That’s right bitches, I am now a delicate princess!
*sigh* this growing up stuff is not for the weak! Speaking of growing up — did anyone else have parents that told them they would “grow out of their acne around age 18”? Cause my parents were full of crap; thirty-seven years old with acne AND wrinkles.
~sings~ I feel pretty…oh so pretty….I feel pretty, and witty, and bright…….