>Tuesday 01/20/2009

>Evening everyone,
How’s things? It is 7:30 PM here which means it is 5:30 for most of you. I am exhausted. Almost stupid tired and in all honesty I don’t really have that much to say.

It has rained here the past few days, needless to say it has not improved the road to my apartment. Ooooh, oooh, I do have news. Well, it is not news it is more interesting tidbit of info. Remember back in the post where I explained how to get to my apartment –well, if you recall the super ugly blue house with the super ugly blue concrete fence with eagles on it painted ugly blue with faces painted to look like seagulls??? Well, turns out that used to be a whorehouse. Nope, not kidding. An actual whore house. The owner (pimp?) apparently died a few years ago and now someone lives there as if it were an actual house. All I could think was how many times do you have to bleach the bathroom in an old whore house before you would feel okay not wearing shoes in the shower or sitting all the way down on the toilet seat?
Yeah, I don’t think I could live there either. But who knows (I say as I’m looking around my apartment), anyone could have lived here before.
I also wondered what happened to all the old prostitutes who lived there when the old dude (pimp?) kicked…do you think they had somewhere to go, are there now free-range prostitutes running around…do you see what I start to think when I am stupid tired??? I warned ya’ll.

I have a neighbor drama update. She was sobbing when I got home. Again. I wish I didn’t sound so cynical but if someone sobs every day it sort of loses the effect (aka sympathy). Apparently the boyfriend didn’t show up to pick her up from work. This is the same man who apparently has another girlfriend who just doesn’t understand him (uh huh – do they ever understand?), is planning on taking her to Italy—she just has to get her passport (uh huh), and is going to bail her out of this “rent problem” (you know, the not paying it part). I keep trying to talk to her using logic. It is not working. Her car is totaled and she needs $700 to fix it, she works at a bar during the day but they often send her home early, and she is behind in rent. Did I mention the husband whom she is separated from? It is horrifying to watch, but I don’t know how to help her. Anyway, enough about that—maybe I am just cynical, perhaps this guy is her prince charming and will sweep her away from all this.
Hey, if someone does sweep her away from all this I can rent the place next door for when people come to visit. It attaches to my apartment with a door and then people could have their own little place to stay.

There is no garbage service to the house. When the landlord is around he takes the cans but he has been gone for a while. I tried to find the dump today, and failed. I know I have been there before—I think they moved it on me. :o)

Goodnight all, I will try to have something more interesting to write tomorrow.

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