>So as we are all aware, I do not have an exciting life–hence the posting I should have titled, “what I ate today” by Heather Wilkes. (LAME!)
But–here is the latest update from my ‘hood.
My landlord calls me this morning to tell me he lost a day. I don’t know how he lost a day but he seemed shocked that it was friday and not thursday. Anyway, that was not the main purpose of the call, I just thought it was kind of an odd thing to be told–he was telling me the update with his other tenant and how he has told her to get rid of her dogs and he will put the pet deposit towards her back rent. I have mixed feelings about this but in all honesty these dogs are not treated correctly anyway. But I could hear her crying in the background of this phone call.
Then, about 20 minutes later, he called again. Yeah, I couldn’t make up this much drama.
So, remember her boyfriend, you know–the one that had a different girlfriend. Well, right after the landlord gave her her second notice (you know, that three step process towards eviction?) the boyfriend called and BROKE UP WITH HER. I know, shocking. A guy, cheating on his girlfriend (wife?), would treat a woman he was cheating with poorly? who knew that could happen. *sigh*
Well, during this phone call I could hear her howling. Yes, howling, in the background.
Methinks I don’t wanna go home tonight.
I feel bad for the lady, I really do. Her life totally sucks right now.
But, since I don’t have cable…
(Dang, I am so cynical!!!)
On the bright side of things–I may be getting internet tonight!!!! In my house. 🙂
if I buy a router, that means I would be able to talk on the phone IN MY HOUSE.
I am quite excited.
Have a great friday, a great weekend, and I shall chat with ya’ll later!!!

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