>Hola folks.
Well I’m home after a long wednesday. I don’t know what it is but the weeks are freakin’ long here. And the weekends are freakishly short.
For those of you picturing me living an exotic lifestyle I want you to know I live a very boring life here on this island. It goes like this pretty much every day:
Wake up-early. Usually by 5.
Make breakfast– including coffee (I’ve developed a serious love of coffee–I don’t know why, but there is just something about Dunkin Donuts artificially flavored vanilla coffee.) Let dogs out. Feed dogs. Let dogs out again. Eat breakfast. Give dogs leftover breakfast.
Get dressed–wardrobe choice is limited to Nomex, or Nomex. I now have 2 colors to chose from, beige or blue. I own 3 old beat up, torn, stained beige colored nomex–but it is super light. I own 6 pairs (thanks Rob!!!) of dark blue “dress” nomex. I’m not going to lie–I look darn good in the blue (well, not like, wear it out to the club good, but you know, professional looking) but they are THICK!!! Thick means warm. But they weren’t as bad as I had feared. They kind of feel like denim.
So then I leave for work. Sometimes I skip breakfast and go straight to work and eat a granola bar. (I know how boring this is–wait, its gets worse)
The sun rises as I drive towards the twinkling lights and towers of the refinery.
I turn off my radio (ipod) and roll down all my windows (so security can search the truck). Smile and make nice with security and hand over badges-one for the car, one for me, one for my laptop.
Then off I go to my office. Which is located conveniently at the top of the fire station. There I either gather equipment to go monitor people, or fiddle with my lab stuff, or a billion or one other things that are all fairly interesting.
Somewhere between 11 and 1 I grab lunch. Either eating in the cafeteria or getting it to go. I sit with a group of fairly smart dudes…they argue philosophy, safety issues, and sometimes like today they chat about different types of soda and food that were available “back in the day”. I usually say nothing (I know, weird huh?) and eat.
Then I either finish up monitoring, go to meetings (there are a lot of meetings), talk asbestos, test asbestos, argue with my co-worker (we have a darn good sarcastic banter between us–that is something that doesn’t go over well on the island. Since James is from New York and me being me–well, a little sarcasm makes the day better. ), and then ship off samples, write reports, etc.
End of day comes and I leave the gate the same way I came in. Then I fight some traffic, stop at my mailbox in the hopes someone has loved me enough to send me somethin, then home.
Where I am greeted by happy well rested dogs. We take a little walk where they relieve themselves and then I make dinner–for them and me.
Then shower and some dvd before bed.
Boring as heck, right?

Probably it will get more exciting eventually. 🙂 but now I must sleep! 🙂

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