>The long weekend…

>There is nothing better than a long weekend! I am sad that it is almost over. :o(

Today we updated Wilkes’ phone because our carrier has to change from Verizon to AT&T for the island. We got him the Blackberry Bold for his Yule and Birthday present combined and for the first time he is officially out-geeking me with his technology — I am totally jealous! :o)

Verizon (just fyi) does not office service on STX, well they do but apparently it runs at over $1 per minute (yikes!) so my company is switching me over to an AT&T account, but we have still kept our 618 area code numbers. :o)

It occurred to me today that I have a TON to do before I leave in a mere 34 days (holy crap!!! 34 days!!!) I still have to figure out what to bring, what to leave, what to ship, etc. If anyone has any good ideas feel free to leave me a comment.
Also, should anyone be planning on a visit, try to let me know as soon as you can, I will set up a calendar for couch space.
Hugs to you all!!!

2 thoughts on “>The long weekend…

  1. >Hi Heather,We will be spending the winter in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We will leave our rental condo on April 4th. We have discussed the possibility of flying from Savannah to STX on April 5..staying about a week. We would fly back to our Van in Savannah and then start the inevitable drive north. We would find lodging on the island. I would do an internet search and maybe you could have a look at my options and give us a recommendation. How does that sound? uncle Tom and aunt Mary Jo

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