I have some words….

I have some words…

Okay, so initially I was going to name this, ‘I have no words’.  but in reality, I have some damn words. 
My stepmother is so crazy she moved past “bat crap crazy” and has moved more towards “batten down the hatches, the evil is coming” crazy. 
For those of you who do not recall, she spurned last years birthday greetings as she determined that I was insinuating that she was an alcoholic due to the martini glass on the outside of the card.  ooookay.  whatever.
This year, this year in for the sake of my father (I know where I got my penchant for the crazy woman from, it must be genetic, anyway) I painstakingly handpainted a card to look like stained glass, and then I wrote a simple Happy Birthday on the inside…
crazy-ass bitch had it sent back addressee not known. 

I assumed it was a mistake.  I mean, right?  It had to be a mistake.  I double checked the address…okay, that was correct.  So I called my father…nope.  no mistake. 
Sometimes, in the midst of all that wackiness, you just have to laugh. 
and yes, I sent it again. 
I wonder how many times it will come back….

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