>Today’s bit of weird.

>So today I found out that Bertha (my ridiculously large ugly beige interior, gray exterior, weird door-handled SUV) may be following me to the new employer. *sigh* Don’t get me wrong, sometimes 8-cylinders and enough cargo space to hold 12 bodies (stacked obviously) comes in handy but I feel like I need to retire my “go green” shirt while I personally drain the earth’s resources. Between my diet coke addiction can disposal problems and my petroleum guzzling SUV I feel I am peeing in the earth’s cheerios. *double sigh*

Okay, here is where it gets weird. Today on my way home I stopped at a stop sign and looked both ways. I saw a vehicle coming from my right–in reverse. It continued on past me in reverse, just a toolin on down the road. backwards.

I freakin’ love this island.

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