Best. Fantasy. Ever!

I finally know what it is that I want. And it is decadent, and selfish, and wonderous, and screw it–if I can’t be selfish in my own fantasy…well, when can I?

Location: somewhere comfortable, many pillows, cool temperature.
Wearing: nothing except a black leather collar, nipple rings, heavy eye makeup.
Partner: male; muscular; intense; fully dressed; smells clean–a mix of soap and the essential smell of him.

First he kisses me, intense, deep, wanting. His hands are on me; not groping, not searching but caressing, comforting. He’s eyes are on me, on my smooth skin. With one last kiss he lays me down on my bed of pillows. He separates my thighs one finger sliding slowly into me. From his little bag of tricks he pulls out toys–some thin, some very thick. He massages my legs further apart and begins slowly thrusting toys into me. He chooses thicker and thicker toys as I start to unravel my way towards my first orgasm. Once he squeezes the largest toy into me I feel filled, taken, and am spiraled into yet another realm of pleasure. I feel his mouth kiss my stomach and breasts while I continue to explode. He then flips me over, keeping the thick toy deep inside me while pressing against my ass. Slides it out, and back in–thrusting inside me. Using only toys. All I can focus on is the orgasms, coming in waves. Flipping me back to my back and raising my legs over my head he slides his fingers deep inside me and begins to play with my gspot. Rubbing his long fingers as I groaned deeply. I feel a pressure building deep inside me; he continues to stimulate me until I cum screaming and squirting, blacking out for a second.
With a quick cuddle and a kiss (and a few minutes of recovering for me) we go our seperate ways–me incredibly satisfied and him happy to help.

Damn, if only such a thing existed. šŸ™‚

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