>September 30, 2009

>What I learned today:

  • I hate paperwork. Especially the mind-numbingly pointless kind that involves writing shit in triplicate, faxing, emailing, and eventually having to get it signed by people more important than you.
  • Paperwork keeps me from getting actual work done. Seriously, hours people. hours.
  • My father is the only person in the world I can call at 5AM and know he will be up.
  • Breakfast is WAY better when someone else cooks it AND you don’t have to clean up. (Thank you refinery lunch ladies–I love you)
  • Coming up with company name options within 5 minutes is tough; and getting a lawyer is costly (don’t ask; no I haven’t been arrested; everything is fine; long story; I have health insurance; I am not going to be a beach bum; I love you all)
  • When someone is rude to you in front of other people–it TOTALLY still feels like you are the nerd back in high school. Apparently that doesn’t go away. who knew? (into the BOOK OF GRUDGE he goes. The grudge book doesn’t actually accompolish anything–but does make me feel better.)
  • I totally have to write a posting about my Book of Grudge. That bad boy goes back to Junior High School.

Okay, I am done learning today. I don’t want to learn any more. I actually (and this is a shocker) had my choice of two plans tonight. I am sticking with my original plan (more relaxing) and attempting to make the other plan of dinner into pre-dinner drinks. If that was confusing it is because my brain hurts. Have a good day!!!

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