Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Okay, I’m at a whole new site…

Here’s hoping I like it a lot better than that old blog that was a pain in my butt. 
Let’s see, what is new.  I kinda went a little nutty last winter, it was overly dark and dreary and I was not in a good head space after my grandmother passed.  So, I retracted from everyone–even to the point of people being concerned. 
Howeva! things are now going swimmingly, well, I am still broke (damn summers with no 2nd paycheck) but that will probably never change. 
I am recently back from my 2 week “vacation”.  I had fun, but 2 weeks of Pennsic is becoming more and more like work (boo!) and less and less about fun (double boo!).  If only I could get all the fun people to go to Cancun or something…*sigh* I just need a cabana boy.  At least this year we didn’t flood as badly.I have all the old stuff I wrote with approximate dates correct…enjoy my old stuff. However new smut continues…I have some new fun stories…so many in fact I am not quite sure where to begin.  Some are only fantasy, some are scarily true, and some are beautifully true.   

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