>I have so many words…

>First off, I am here and I am safe. I know the majority of ya’ll were worried!
Secondly, wholy moly do I have stories… And I have only been here 1 night.
Beginning with the travelling: I set my alarm for 4:30 AM CST on Friday but that was really unnecessary as I
didn’t go to sleep the night before. Insomnia kicked in really bad and I ended up with no sleep. However my sainted (this week :)) husband
stayed up late and got up early with me. Wilkes and I arrived at O’Hare a solid 2 hours prior to flight time flagged a skycap, kissed goodbye (not the skycap, the husband),
and away I went to paperwork hell, I mean the ticket counter. Much shuffling later we dropped Teak (small dog 66lbs) at the luggage security. I had to take him out of his crate
(For searching). Thankfully he balked only slightly about going back in. Then with a prayer, 2 carry-ons, and Life (bigger dog 112lbs) we set off for human security. I will be
honest, it could have all gone wrong at this point. I had to take Life’s collar and leash off and walk her through. No, not kidding. Thankfully she is a very good dog and after
getting everything searched except body cavities Life and I made it to the gate where we slumped in a puppy pile and waited for boarding.
Boarding the plane went fine. We were in a normal seat row where Life took up the floor. She slept and was perfectly behaved. We arrived on time in Miami and I tried to get Life to pee
in the planter in the outdoor smoking area but after a look at me like I was nuts we went off to our gate. It was hot and crowded so I slumped to the cool tile floor and Life lay in my lap.
Many people enquired, petted, smiled and chatted and Life was her usual charming self. I was drained, I just wanted plane (where I knew we were bulkhead seats) and sleep. An older
gentleman started asking about Life and chatting with me about the island. He said something about how I must have a nice landlord. That is when the voice clicked and I realized HE was my
landlord. His wife works for American Airlines and was able to get him on the same plane (same seat row) as me. So much for sleep, but Life immediately took to him and slept with her head on
his foot the whole way, well, except for when the 1st class flight attendant brought her a steak. Oh, me? Yeah, I had some $4 chips, I was fine, thanks for asking. šŸ˜¦ stupid spoiled dog. :):)
So I picked up the rental car
(where, btw, they do not take debit cards, at all, so I had to do some fancy money shifting on my blackberry–thank God for technology)

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