>Sunday, 01/18/2009

>Happy Sunday people.My first full week of work was last week. I don’t know if I feel as ifI accomplished much, but I certainly ran around a lot and learned afew things.I learned that crappy pizza gives me heartburn, sushi with a lot of jalapenos hurts my stomach the next day, and this island is VERY big on drinking. Okay, so I knew the last part. πŸ™‚

Groceries are wicked expensive, I swear I have no food but every timeI go to the grocery store its $100.

Random weird side note-to work in a restaurant here you have to poop in a cup and get checked for intestinal worms.

Yes, they told me this as I was eating–no, it didn’t help my appetite. πŸ™‚

The road up to my house is worse after the rains. I am not shocked bythis but I thank my company every single day I make it up that thingfor getting me a truck.And the highlight of my saturday (ready?). I bought a DVD player. Iwatched tv like a normal person. It was quite soothing to have it on in the background.

The TV that my co-worker gave me is starting to die. In the upper left corner its going green and it the upper rightits going purple. The purple is less noticeable but every once in awhile a person shows up in the upper left completely green. This leads me to shout “ALIEN” – every time.

I’m glad I find myself amusing,someone has too! πŸ™‚ :)My apartment is clean and I rearranged my furniture. I covered my couch with a couch cover. It made it much comfier. I had trouble sitting on it imagining God knows how many sweaty butts had sat on it before me.
(I know, ewww. This is kind of a gross post between the worm check and the sweaty couch sitters. Sorry bout that!)
Well, much love to ya’ll. I’m starting to feel more settled in–the bugs still freak me out, but I’m gettin there.
The dogs on the other hand settled in pretty damn quick. Life is currently blowing her undercoat. That makes lovely dog hairtumbleweeds that blow around with the ceiling fan :(. They love going to the beach with me for long walks and jump in the car whenever possible. Teak has reverted to a “wild doodle” and runs around like a fool. He has found a nest of “something alive” and whenever possible he runs over there to point at it.
I don’t know what it is but he has definitely confirmed it as a “nest of interest”.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

2 thoughts on “>Sunday, 01/18/2009

  1. >I know my niece is 18! πŸ™‚ It makes me feel old. :(Sorry about the worm confusion, I just heard from bartenders that they have to get checked for worms before they can work at a bar or restaurant. This totally grossed me out. Although it is better than ME getting worms. :)*hugs*

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