>wednesday afternoon.

>Today was a day. It wasn’t a great day, it was not a horrible day.
I was busy–that was good.

Most of the people reading this know me, and know I speak fairly openly about a lot of things.
Today’s topic is sexism.
Today I was asked out on 2 dates, had my question ignored to the point where I walked away so as not to hit the guy,
and was told I had good lips.
So I go back to the laboratory and it turns out that my sarcastic co-worker rarely gets asked out and no-one has (to my knowledge)
commented about his lips.
Who knew?
Now to be fair to the guy who ignored me, I think he was just a regular kind of jerk. And normally I can laugh off the come-ons.
As one of the female operators explained to me, contractors get onto this island and its like they’ve never seen alcohol or women before.
She is right. It can be irritating.

As a sidenote–my roof is totally leaking due to high winds and torrential downpours here in the rainforest.
And when I went out to dinner tonight my dogs we’re determined, I mean, “we are making a stand these 12 hour days where we stay at home and wait for you have got to go”
So I took them with. They had to sit on the outer portion of the restaurant . This means they were
seperated by a tiny planter. Teak (small dog) wigged out, chewed through his leather leash, and proceeded
to hide under my legs.

So. That’s it for today, maybe tomorrows topic will be, “the economy and how it’s f’ing up my contract rates.”

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