>Okay, so I am attempting to be all swanky cool with the photo updates. But I can’t seem to get them where I want them to go. So this is my plan. I am going to write up my weekend in word form and then I will post a metric crap-ton of pictures in labelled blog entries.

How to describe my weekend….fun, relaxing, and valentines day depressing all at the same time. Let’s start with Friday: Worked (per as usual) then ran home, grabbed the dogs, and turned around and drove back to C’sted. Then I went to ‘Jump Up’ with a co-worker of my parent company (Hi Christa!). As far as I can tell Jump Up=street fair, alcohol, vast quantities of food, and Mocko Jumbie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moko_jumbies). They were pretty darn cool. I have some pictures but it was dark.

So then I went home at a sedate and sober 10:30 PM :). I purchased a really pretty blown glass necklace charm. I do love hippy jewelry!!!

Saturday arrived and I was determined to get out of the house and attend the “Ag Fair”. This is an Agricultural Fair which to me was gosh darn similar to the county fairs I have gone to throughout my midwestern life. There was even a 4H booth.
There was apparently some sections of the fair I didn’t see because I heard later that there were animals of all kinds for sale. Hamsters, Rabbits, Chickens, Goats, Sheep. I am glad I didn’t find that part or I would have ended up with a house goat or something. I have no self control in regards to baby animals.
Prior to going to the Ag Fair I went to the dollar store. However, what I have noticed about the dollar store is that nothing costs a dollar. There is some weird formula to where most of the stuff is 50% off of the sticker–but not all. Whatever. I bought some curtains–totally girly curtains–purple and sheer and shiny. I like them a lot, and they were pretty cheap. I also managed to buy some towels and girl swim trunks for quite cheap.
Then I ran over to my mailbox where I had received a lovely valentines day gift from my husband. 🙂 🙂 🙂
So, on my way home I decided to swing on through to a beach called Sandy Point. I heard it was the most beautiful beach on the island with very limited hours (Sat and Sun 10-4 only). It was about 2PM and I drove to it. It felt like I was driving forever but then I came to an area where you had to walk from. It truly was the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. Very steep, very sandy. Huge waves. Stunning.
I took a bunch of pictures–even from the water. (we can all tell my husband thank you for my Christmas gift a couple of years ago. A waterproof/shockproof camera is a perfect gift for me! 🙂 )
Then I went home, took a shower, got dressed and went to kmart. Where I purchased some nail polish. I know, it sounds silly but it is kind of fun to paint your nails. What color? Blue. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Then I stopped at a roadside stand and bought myself some flowers for Valentines Day. They really brightened up the place. But here is where the depressing part came in. There was an older gentleman buying flowers. He told me they were for his wife’s grave and that she had died 2 months prior. I thought it was so bittersweet….I almost cried.
On Sunday my neighbor’s ride to work didn’t show so I drove her out to Cane Bay. I took the dogs for a nice long walk on the beach…then we went home to listen to the rain on the metal roof while watching hulu.com.
All in all, a darn fine weekend.

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