>Happy Friday!!!

>Hello everyone, isn't it exciting that the end of the week is now here and sleeping in tomorrow (barring an emergency of course) is going to happen? I know. I am SO happy.
My boss was off today so my co-worker and I did the "please no fire, please no fire" prayer over coffee in the morning. Although in all honesty we would have been fine; but now its just funny to say.

It was a darn fine day except for the fire chief teasing me about my microscope melting. *sigh*
I sense I have not heard the end of this, but on the bright side I have a shiny new fire extinguisher provided by the fire department.

My neighbor has moved out and my landlord is back in the states. It is SO peaceful up here. I really think I made a good choice in apartments.

I hope everyone has a safe, fun, and relaxing weekend. I have absolutely no plans for this weekend but in approximately 3 weeks one of my best friends in the world visits (Erin) and the week after that my husband is down (Yay!) and the week after that my aunt and uncle are visiting (though they are staying at a hotel; I guess at some point in age and economic status it becomes awkward to "crash" on a couch. I am not there yet–I have no problem crashin' on any of your couches. *smile*).
So you see, soon I shall be inundated with plans and activities. And Uncle Tom, I am working on your ferry question; please be patient–we are totally on island time here.
Hugs to you all!!!

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