>A centipede, a dead rat, and a magic jack.

>To clarify the lovely title of this blog posting here are our topics:

Centipede: yesterday evening I heard a shout from outside and then a sound of a shovel slamming into the ground. It was a centipede. And not a small one. Those things FREAK ME OUT.

Dead Rat: I live in the woods. There are rats everywhere outside (I think they play poker with the centipedes). I shall quickly describe a past event as a dog owner living in the woods of southern illinois my husband and I refer to as the “deer incident”. One evening after we came home we walked into the living room and there in bright living color was our two dogs, happily chewing on a dead deer. An entire deer except for the head. In. The. Living. Room.
They had somehow worked together to get the deer into the house through the doggy door. I am fairly certain they set up a pulley system. Regardless, this was definitely the largest woodland creature to make it into the house.
However, the site of a many-day-old dead rat with the icky tail dangling was also not pleasant. *gack*

The bright side cool thing that I got today is a magic jack. I kid you not, the thing works. I made phone calls from my house without standing at a weird angle and afraid to move. Cool as heck, but more on that later.
Goodnight all!

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