>Less Than Kind…

>Today the world took a small turn to the worse. Nothing too horrible, just a few small things. This morning I awoke, got dressed, attended our weekly safety meeting where I learned the refinery lost many more millions due to the evil economy and that consultants (that's me!) were a huge expense. I knew all of this, but let me tell you there is an unpleasant pressure when you feel you have to prove how much value you provide–all of the time.
So then I made a mistake. I am sure 99% of you have done it. You stop at a stop sign, no one is around, you go forward. Well I got a ticket in the refinery for failure to stop. *sigh* this is an embarrassing stupid thing that I shouldn't have done. It added just a little more stress to an overloaded plate. I had to go breathe in a private place for a little bit.
At the end of the day I went home, to my sanctuary, my clean comfy little apartment. Odd, what was that smell? I could not trace it. I smelled my garbage can, my drains, drawers…nada. I just kept getting whiffs of…well, bad.
I went upstairs. Nope. It's the carpet.
Where the carpet got wet from the roof. GAG!!! Mildew.
Smells bad. I could give descriptors, but let's just stick with bad.
Then I went out to bathe the beasts. Per the vet they need to be washed once per week out here. So, I scrubbed and scrubbed and then rinsed them. I did this bent over using the hose.
Turns out, if you stand up fast from a bent over position you can actually hear your back say something that sounds suspiciously like "Duck You" before the throbbing twang noise.
Then. My internet went down.
At this juncture I gave up, took an ice pack out of the freezer, a handful of advil and went to my stinky bedroom.
Some days man…some days.

Okay, but on the super happy bright side Erin shows up tomorrow! (Yay!!!) So as of tomorrow evening I am on vacation. I will take tons of pictures and post next week. *hugs*

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