>Oh Whoa Is Me…

>I am feeling spectacularly sorry for myself today. It is Tuesday. I am at work. I don’t feel good due to a nasty cold. All my visitors are gone. My bank lost my deposit (they are looking for it…but still–how do you LOSE AN ELECTRONIC DEPOSIT??!! I am so bitter (and poor!)). Also, I sound like a female impersonator due to my cold (and was called “sir” on the phone).
And this morning I learned that if you drink diet coke really fast but have too much post nasal drip–it can lead to something foamy and disgusting.
Just fyi.

I am feeling oddly better now that I just made you all say “ewww!”

The one shiny bright spot in my day is I signed up for the great turtle race. It is the migration of the sea turtles and 11 of them are tagged. We should be able to follow their progress online. I am disturbingly excited about following their progress.


(come on, you know you want to sign up too!!!)

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