>Friday…and why it’s hard to be a girl.

>I am over my cold (yay!). I no longer sound like Barry White+phlegm and I am finally feeling back to normal. This week we had a trainer in to refresh the insulators–this just means that they needed their yearly training update. They asked me for a trainer suggestion as their person was retired. I set them up with the people who trained me. Thankfully, it all worked out great and they were really happy with Mark.

For those of you who know me, you know that my internship when I was in college was living in a tent for 6 weeks capturing rattlesnakes for a tagging and release program. This is kinda superfluous to the story, but while living outdoors I learned a few different ways for a girl to pee. That’s right, there are more than one. It was during this internship that I really began to envy boys, I mean, they can just pee standing up. It just all seemed so unfair. But once the internship was over, well, thanks to the wonders of indoor plumbing I never really got envious until these days. I am not alone. I was monitoring a lovely woman operator, as I was setting her up with various sensors for various chemicals I had to stop and think…I can’t put that there, it will impede her taking off her clothes to pee. Yes, that’s right, we women wearing nomex jumpsuits and radio holsters first have to remove the radio holster, find somewhere to hang it, then unzip the coveralls from the top, grab our sleeves, try desperately to not let the nomex hit the floor, wiggle out of our underthings (bike shorts, etc) and then, finally we get to pee. Then reverse the entire process inside of a tiny stall and/or portapotty. Do you know what guys have to do? Yeah, they just unzip the coveralls from the bottom, then pee.
So jealous.
So, I could wear separates, pants with shirt. But then what would I have to bitch about? hmmm? 🙂 My next lesson in “how to work in industry as a girl” will be about the “head nod”. It is critical.

My plans for this weekend include going to visit the rum distillery on Saturday after a delicious breakfast at the domino club. then dropping off Mark (trainer) at the airport before taking a nap. Then I have to do laundry.
I am looking forward to my plans!

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