>Thursday of doom…04/30/09

>Wake up at 3 am. Heartburn. Have to pee. ugh. attempt to get out of my bed only to find that somehow the covers have twisted over me like a demented python. I wiggle myself free and check my phone on the way down the stairs–furry dogs following closely behind. Then I wonder why I get emails at 3 in the morning…seriously? why? who is up emailing…oh, it’s my broadband statement–probably it’s automatic. I let the dogs out to take care of their business while I take care of mine. Then I go in search of the Tums. They are in the back (far back) of a cabinet…I reach, I try to be careful but BLAMO! out falls a glass perfume bottle which explodes in a clean lem0n-y and razor shard bonanza on the kitchen floor.

*sigh* then I clean that up.

I got back to bed and sleep through my alarm. I wake up, grab a yogurt and some grapenuts. It was a new box of grapenuts and when I tried to open it sitting on the couch, well, it exploded too. Tiny sharp crunchy grapenuts EVERYWHERE. I sat there, watching my dog attempt to vacuum them off the floor–they kept getting stuck to his nose.

Then I gave up, got dressed and left for work.

When I arrived at work I needed to pee again. Uh-oh. The bathroom is out of order.


After a few hours it was fixed. I did drop a few carrots from my lunch, but all things considered I survived (so far). I kind of fear going home and cleaning up the rest of the grapenuts…or worse go home and find my dog burping fiber.

It is raining here today. Which is great cause we need it badly. But everyone here seems to get really happy when it rains whereas I just really want to take a nap. 🙂

mmmmmm. nap.

Happy Thursday folks.
(later note: sorry, this was a draft from last thursday. looks like I forgot to post it 😦 )

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