>My thoughts on night shift…

>Morning everyone.
Here are some random thoughts during a long night shift:
1. I hate oatmeal but seemingly love "oatmeal to go" bars. Its probably the sugar. Makes everything dee-licious.
2. Control rooms kind of creep me out when they are completely empty. It seems wrong somehow. Who is in control?!? 🙂
3. Really really cold control rooms suck–I keep having to go outside to warm up.
4. I'm freakin tired.
5. I typed up the "try to save my job here in the VI by moving to a different budget" document today (tonight? this morning? Ah, I've got it–this shift). No. I still don't know what is happening with my job here. I really WILL tell everyone when I know. I promise.
6. Stop asking me (or my husband) about whether or not I get to stay throughout the year. It freaks me out. I really WILL tell everyone when I know. I promise (yes, I said this twice. I am trying to get the point across).
7. Sometimes, I sound bitchy when I'm tired (see note above 😉 )
8. When my landlord pounds on my door during my precious 3 hours I get to sleep I can't help but wish him ill. (See, bitchy. BUT to be fair–i had JUST fallen asleep. Dude, precious sleep )
9. Who in the heck is calling me at 5:18 in the morning? (Wrong number)
10. I'm Really tired and out of things to say. Only 3 more hours to go. (Boo!)

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