>The disk, the crash, the eyepatch and the bright red butt.

>So, I have had 2 very close friends in town since last wednesday night. We have had fun bummin around and all sorts of stuff. Here is the long version of the story: The friday before I had washed the beasts in an attempt to save money-boy was that a mistake. Since I spent so much time bent over my lower back had a bit of a twang to it which by last tuesday had turned into a stabbing pain with a dull knife. Finally by wednesday I knew I had to get some help. I found a doctor who told me I had a slipped disk (oww) in my lower back. So, many hundreds of dollars later I had a diagnoses and the start of physical therapy.
Wednesday night my friends arrived, they were helpful with setting up their beds and getting stuff organized. We toured the island and I had physical therapy daily. Then monday came around; the girls were going to take a full day tour of buck island and I was going to work.
Monday morning we were zipping downtown and on a curve my truck started to slide. I slid into a pickup truck. It was horrible. Thankfully everyone is just fine. No injuries at all. But, it sucks. A lot. The adrenaline rush alone was insane. My friends hopped a cab downtown to go on their tour, my leased car was towed off, and the cop gave me a lift to work.
I rented a car after work (where, due to the rush and the stress I accomplished no work at all) and headed downtown to pick up my friends. Jenny’s eye was swollen and itchy and Carol had missed one area with sunscreen. Her butt–which was the Brightest red I have ever seen.
So, between the crushed car, swollen eye, back pain and the ass with 2nd degree burns–we all went to bed at 8PM. It was a tough day.
The end.

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