>Sorry it has been a while…

>…I have been waiting for my back to either finish me off or get better. For a while, I was fairly certain that disk was going to be the end of me. I shall seriously respect the amount of pain people with back problems have–it was *bad*!. The doctor on the island was planning on sending me to another doc to stick a needle in my spine with steroids in it. I had a long talk with my spine that evening. Regardless, it seems to be healing on its own (yay!).

Let’s see…working (I use that term loosely) at the Chicago O’Hare office for one afternoon was weird. But in all honesty it was wonderful to see everyone. The pizza was awesome and everyone looked great. Sometimes I really miss my office. But, sometimes I get to go to the beach here…its a tradeoff. 🙂

On Saturday my husband flew in (yay!!!) so now I am sharing my apartment – (looks around warily) we shall see how that goes :). He has been a big help with the back pain–not letting me move stuff, icing it, etc. It is great to see him, but the sucky part of a long distance thing is that you have to re-learn how to live together every time.

It looks like I will be getting a new neighbor in the main apartment. My landlord rented it out. I also found out that the crazy neighbor–you know, the one in the middle?–yeah, his lease won’t be renewed so he will be out of there soon (fingers crossed). He reintroduced himself to me the other day. In his mind (world?) he had never met me before. Also in his mind (world?) I had a roomate. According to him–she was lovely (?!?!?). Well, it’s good that my invisible roomate is lovely. It must be her who makes all the mess….hey, I like this plan. 🙂

Speaking of neighbors, for those of you who don’t know back in Chicagoland I had some lovely crackheads as neighbors. Now, crackheads they were, but, they did a lot of random work for us (mowing, gutters, etc.). Here is an email from my husband filling me in on the good/bad news in our ‘hood:

“Bad news, good news. I’ve had to hire oak and jerrys landscaper. It’ll cost 72 a month, and they will bill us. Good news, jerry told me that our crackhead neighbors is being foreclosed on b4 I gave john a pile of cash to mow our lawn for the summer. Jerry found the info on a website. The foreclose apers went thru over a month ago. An empty house is better than a crack den
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T”

btw: Oak and jerry are the neighbors attached to us. They do not appear to be insane (besides some harmless (to us) OCD issues) nor have any addiction problems. 🙂

I used to watch a soap opera in England during high school called Neighbors. I should totally write one based on the antics of my various neighbors. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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