>Morning! I have been drinking a lot of coffee this morning! and it is making me type really fast AND think in exclamation points! Using exclamation points is the sign of a writer who cannot articulate their thoughts well (!); but I am seriously seriously caffeinated!!!!!!!!!

So, I have a few topics that I have never been able to flesh out into a full posting; so I am going to try to clean out my “blog topic” file and give you a few tidbits.

  • I know you all know me as smooth and charming, however (*snicker*) I am on occasion VERY awkward. The other day a co-worker was wandering by and I offered her a ride out. She is very nice, we have had dinner on occasion and have a few mutual friends. You know, that friend of a friend person. So, we are chatting about important relevant topics as weather, pets, weather, work, weather…and I just ran out of topics (you can only beat weather into the ground for so long). As I sat there in Bertha (my beast of a leased SUV) talking to her through the passenger window (she did not wish a ride out) and we had a few awkward seconds of silence I said, “okay, well I’m out of things to say…have a great night!” Only later did I realize how awkward that sentence was. *sigh*
  • I work in a firehouse. There is one gal fireman, she is nice. Anyway, we kind of share a bathroom. There are also male firemen, and they keep stealing our stuff. This has led to me labeling the soap so that I can wash my hands. I wash my hands a lot. I wash them after I work with samples. I wash them before I eat. I really believe in washing my hands with soap and water–I have real irritation with the vast quantity of hand sanitizer being used. I mean, people, wash your damn hands. So, most of the time, after washing my hands I have a very bad habit of shaking them off and either letting them air dry or wiping them on my pants (or coveralls). I know, this is not a good habit–but I hate air dryers AND I feel guilty when I use paper towels (environment). Okay, there is the back story. The other day Anya (gal fireman) comes into the lab. She wanted to double check I hadn’t borrowed the paper towels before she went to disembowel the male fireman for stealing out stuff (again). I had not borrowed the towels. But during the conversation I could tell that she thought that since I hadn’t noticed they were missing that I was disgusting and didn’t wash my hands after using the bathroom. I could not dig my way out of that awkward conversation. *sigh*

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