>Darn It!

>Okay, I am prepared. I have water, I have food, I have 100lbs of dog food, I have cards, I have 5 new books on my fully charged kindle. I have clean clothes, blankets, pillows, flashlights, lanterns, candles, a first aid kit, and a truck full of gas. You know what I don’t have? I don’t have a freakin‘ hurricane–that’s what I don’t have. Tropical Storm Ana–the fickle bitch, she down-graded back to a Tropical Depression and she is ever so south of us. I was looking forward to Ana, she wasn’t too strong, but good enough to show me what getting to miss a day of work due to a tropical storm would be like…But noooooo. Fickle.
Then there is Bill, freakin’ Hurricane Bill. He looks like he is swinging North on me, which is really probably good ’cause, well, he is a little rougher and tougher than his fickle sister Ana.
So, my nerdy little self is keeping an eye on Bill, marking locations on my dorky hurricane map.
I shall keep you informed. 🙂
Although, to be fair, the weather channel is probably better than I am at this meteorological crap. So maybe check there first for updates.

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