>I am a dork.

>Please, I know you all are aware of my dorkiness. I just feel the need to share this *particular* dorkishness. I have a hurricane tracking map. I am fairly certain it is meant for children. But every time I get an email update about any tropical storm (why yes, I have signed up to receive email updates from the national hurricane center–why do you ask?) I immediately grab my sharpie and map and plot the longitude and latitude to see where the lil' bugger is.
I am excited–it is my FIRST ONE!!! But I must tell you–whenever anyone sees my map–the mockery abounds.
Yesterday I bought a red cross solar/crank/battery powered radio (NOAA/AM/FM) that can also charge your cell phone! How freakin' cool is that?
I'm sure there will be mockery there too.

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