more from me…

It is so warm here, we are tired from swimming all day–get home in
the afternoon say around 4ish. I can’t help myself, I kiss you. I have
spent many a’ year fantasizing about your kisses and I want my fill. I
hopped up onto my counter and you settle between my legs as we deeply
kiss. We are both salty from the ocean. I kiss my way down your neck,
nibbling gently. Work my way back up to your ear lobe and then back to
your luscious lips.  My hands alternate between sliding through your
chest hair and holding your face tight to mine as you lean into the
I reach down between us and feel how solid you are–how ready your are
to be deep inside me. I assist you out of your bathing suit and slide
down off the countertop. Your hard cock pushes against me as we
embrace yet again into a kiss. I could kiss you all night.
Into the shower we go. I have a walk-in shower–not a tub. As we rinse
the ocean off of us with warm fresh water I drop slowly to my
knees–kissing my way down your belly until your dick is deep down my
throat. I suck deeply, sliding my face towards you, taking you still
deeper again and again.
You groan. I slowly kiss my way back up. You’re smiling–calling me a
tease. We giggle and your hands, your fingers, begin working magic
between my legs.  You lean into me; fingers deep inside–whispering in
my ear, “you’re so wet!”.
I don’t answer–concentrating on riding your hand.  You feel so good.
I moan your name quietly…
You withdraw your hand suddenly–and with a chuckle say, “oh no
sweetheart–not yet.”

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