Happy Thursday!!!

Well, I am *trying* to make it a happy thursday, wednesday was a brand of hell I haven’t experienced a lot of; just tons of really crappy not the end of the world kind of things…but by the end of the day I was looking a little shell shocked.

1. Paying snafu. Yup, my little company is supposed to get paid by a bigger company which bills the biggest company. The biggest company didn’t come up with an important number which means I don’t get paid. Oh yeah, I have no money right now. It is not awesome.

2. Went for my girl-y doc. appt. a couple of weeks ago. you know, “riding the metal table,”; getting poked and prodded, etc. I always feel it is just good manners to get std testing done. I mean, I can only control my own actions and sometimes I don’t even do that very well. So, it is always better to know and be safe, etc. I had gotten most of the results (all good) but was still waiting on the blood-based results. Those weren’t in yesterday but did find out that (again–same as last year) that there were atypical cervical cells. Usually doesn’t mean anything (didn’t last time) but it is just one more (damn) thing to worry about.

3. Got a mother fucking speeding ticket on the way home. I argued with the cop–which it turns out they don’t like so much. *grrrrrrrr*

So, anyway–so far today I have found out that I am clean STD-wise. YAY!!!
Probably the atypical cells are from too much masturbation. Additionally I still have no money. 🙂 I’m wondering at what point to go on strike. 🙂

Okay, that was just a super quick update regarding my world.
I have some really juicy stuff I am working on and can’t wait to post.

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