I’m aware I have been a slacker but well, I’m lazy.
Things are mucho better on the cervical front. I’m sure you all spent your waking hours worrying. :/
So, I learned something recently; like seriously…did you know that fucking someone doesn’t make you friends?!? Actually, you all probably did–its just me that rides the short bus. *sigh* After some awkward work moments (shaking the angry fist at Mr. Blingy) AND you too Psycho (I blow a razzberry in both your general directions!!!). But after a long conversation this morning with Love (yes, he is not allowed to talk to me often; but once in a while we get to IM) it turns out that *I* am the weird one. Most folks do not have most of their ex-boyfriends (ex-bedmates) attend their wedding. Nor have they slept with the majority of the bridesmaids.
I’m not going to lie. I’m flummoxed here. My best friend (E) is the first woman I ever, urm…did. We just exhanged texts while I was mid-post.
So, I got nuthin. seriously. I can’t be the only person I know who is friends with people they have fucked–additionally I am instituting a new rule.
NEW RULE: There will never be fucking unless we are friends afterwards. hrmmm. wait a minute.
NEW RULE (amended): There will never be fucking unless we are friends before hand. Phone/text sex doesn’t count. Neither does it count if you are just covering me in oil and making me cum. It only counts if…. *scratches head* This is hard. I may need to develop some sort of flow chart….

NEW RULE (v3): Okay, if we fool around don’t be an asshole.

There, version 3 sums it up. Whenever I flirt with someone (fool around with, hang out with…whatever…you get the point) I get attached. Usually for a short time although sometimes for 15 years or so (Love and I are well on our way to having a tryst by the time we turn 80 or so. *sigh* ) For a few days post orgasm (be it self induced while on the phone, whatever) I need attention. I’m not too proud to admit that. I have a vagina–hells, most (some?) of ya’ll have seen it–additonally I have feelings.
So yes, don’t be an asshole is a good rule: take it and implement it in your daily lives.
Much love,

One thought on “alright…

  1. hahaha suckers! I have heard from 2 totally seperate people that I’m not crazy–it is totally normal to remain friends with people from your past.
    I could be wrong…but this may be a SCA thing.
    maybe real world folks aren’t so good at it.

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