>My Thanksgiving Plans o’ Wonder…

>Thanks to the generosity of an un-named family member I’m flyin’ home for Thanksgiving. Well, flying, flying, driving, driving, flying, and then flying. But who cares! I’m going to see people! People that I love! And my family! (Kidding! Ha! I totally love my family–I just cannot resist a cheap joke) So, here is the itinerary for my midwest tour ’09. After work on Friday I sucker some poor bastard into driving me to the airport, or I park at the airport, or something along those lines. Then I awkward my way through customs…I always mess up the form or something. Then I settle in for my first nap…I mean flight to Miami. Arrive at Miami, eat something….then either run for my gate or wait a *really* long time. Depending on how close the gate is. If I’m feeling especially cruel I will order something to go, something with extra onions and garlic so I can stink up the cabin of my next flight….nah, wait–thats every other person I end up flying with…*sigh*. Then I arrive in Chicag where I will either wait for Wilkes to pick me up (we *never* time it right) or I wait for a cab to drive me home. Haven’t decided yet.
Then home. Then some packing and meeting with friends. then some doctors appointments on monday–then swingin’ by the old office to drop off my work computer which was *DENIED BY CUSTOMS (W.T.H.)* when I tried to ship it back and say hello to people at the company of which I quit. I will cry.
Then, if I can, I will convince them to take me drinking somewhere with wings. You know where…:) Failing that, I will go by myself. The “someone just quit lets go eat at RAM thing”…it needs to happen with me too, dammit.
Then tuesday–well, I’m sleeping in…and then packing some more stuff at the house. Then wednesday-the great migration to OH/MI. Where I get to see my family, I’m sure my mom will cry (I get my emotional state from her you know. 🙂 ) and there will be much rejoicing as I get to see everyone. 🙂 Then thursday there will be the eating….then friday, friday will be the shopping (and I will remember why I moved to a tropical island). Saturday we check out of the hotel and commute our way back to the windy city…Sunday I fly back to St. Croix. Monday back at work.
And, since it is 72 degrees here today and not sunny (rainy) I am freezing! like, need to get a long sleeved shirt on cold–so I am pretty sure once I land in Chicago I am going to turn into a popsicle and shatter anyway and all this planning will be moot.
Much love to ya’ll.

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