>So, Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll. I’m back on the island. I’ve learned a few things in the past week of “vacation”.
1. get home before the day before you have to go back to work. Getting home late and then having to go to work the next morning is unpleasant (aka sucks).
2. don’t travel somewhere colder on vacation; make people come to you.
3. don’t take a taxi home from the stx airport. It was really expensive and took forever.
4. don’t be suprised when you arrive at the stx airport if someone forgot to unlock the airport doors so two plane loads of people stand there looking at the terminal but are unable to get to the terminal. And then (this part really made me giggle) when you do unlock a door only unlock one of the 4 available doors so the people bottleneck trying to get through.
5. I’m tired, and when I am tired I get grumpy.
6. My landlord is still unpleasant. My electric bill (which was in my door when I returned home along with my rent invoice) was ri-freakin-diculous. That on top of the over-priced cab fare filled me with an impotent rage.
7. Regardless of how grumpy I am my dogs (and cat) still missed me a lot and all piled on top of me (to hold me in place?) when I got home last night.
8. It was nice to see as many people as I did; unfortunately there is never enough time to see everyone.
9. Besides people some of the things I missed the most were giant target stores (where I danced down the aisles smiling at people); giant bookstores where I raided the clearance racks repeatedly; and a lot of the food.
10. Some of the things I didn’t like about the mainland was that strangers don’t look you in the face, everyone goes out of their way to *not* look at you. A friendly greeting causes mistrust, and speed and anonymity is prized over politeness.

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