>Some days…

>Some days I feel like I am damn good at my job. This is not one of those days.
I have been riding that roller coaster of I am great, I suck, I am great again, oh crap…
It does (and doesn’t) help that I have the most subtle boss in the world. A slight waver in his voice could spell doom…or it could be he just shotgunned some soda. So, If he suggests something I for SURE do it. Today I am very tired due to travelling for HOURS yesterday and I was going to leave work early and make up the time later in the week. He said to me, “you know, people look at your gate times…”,I stayed and worked. We also got the news that my boss’ boss is quitting. It’s one of those moments where 1. I am sad to see him go cause I liked him and 2. oh crap–does he know something I don’t.
Nothing too catastrophic today. I will attempt to update more.
Today I got to work early enough to beat angry jazz hands lady (crossing guard) and that always leads to a good day.

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