>Remember when…

>Hey folks,
So, I'm lying here sort of hoping for sleep. It ain't a' hattenin.
Remember when you were a kid and slept *so* hard that you woke up with your face stuck to your pillow which had somehow heated up to about 300 degrees? Yeah, those were good times.
Those of you on facebook know that my dog (Life) has been sick with a big hotspot and a cone-of-shame also known as an elizabethan collar to keep her from licking it. Her right side is completely shaved and in all honesty, she looks horrible. 😦 I took her collar off her tonight and she has been so stressed she is now lying incredibly close to me with her head on a pillow. Its not helping ME sleep, but I'm worried about her. *shrugs*, sometimes I'm a softie. 🙂
Works been going okay, friends have been going okay, family has been going okay, it's been fairly tame.
I put up some holiday decorations. Okay, all I did was wrap some lights around my banister along with some purple kmart special garland. But at night it looks totally festive. Sadly, during the day it looks a little trashy. *shrugs* One thing I know about myself; I'm kind of lazy in regards to decorating.
Oh, regarding the collar of shame (speaking of trashy) I got it for her on friday, but when I put it on it looked SO big. So, on Friday evening after cocktail hour it seemed a "good" idea to "trim" it. And I did. And it wasn't. Right after I trimmed it the dog immediately began licking the hot spot. Needless to say the next day, with the help of a friend who kept having to stop and bend over laughing at me, I duct taped that stupid collar of shame back together. Not only did my poor dog look stupid, she looked Trashy Stupid.
The best way to take all the majestic glory out of a large breed dog is to shave one flank unevenly and put a large cone around her head covered in duct tape. New low people, new low.
Life (the dog), never one to be held down by the stupidity of her owner has turned said cone into a battering weapon of mass destruction. Furniture has been knocked over and eventually moved, people and animals beaten, herded, and cut open. She now has a battering ram/slicing plastic cone of shame. Cone of Shame? No, says the dog; Cone of Dooooom!!!!
Gnite ya'll.
I wish you all to have the sleep of a happy child.

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