>Dean Koontz

>I know this will come as a shock to everyone who knows me but I have always been a big reader AND I was an overly emotional teenager. This led me to a love of Dean Koontz books. I always thought of him as a great author and should he read this (so doubtful) he should know he played a major role in my emotive late teenage years. Sure, he had a fixation on Glock guns and sodium vapor streetlights as both items appeared in every book; but I never held that against him. Recently, due to a trip to the resale shop here on island I picked up a couple of his books, figuring what the heck? I love having books around and with hurricane season a’comin you never know how long you will get between kindle (electronic book) chargings.
Well, in a minor fit of boredom I picked up one of the books and started reading. All I could say was, what the fuckity fuck?

normal human: “it was a dark and stormy night”
book I am trying to get through’s version: “the twilight had a deep azure quality and the heavy rain clouds filled the sky with a…..zzzzzzzzz”.
uh, sorry, that was me snoring at the end there. Now, this man’s work is good. I am just an impatient pain in the ass who, as she get’s older, likes things written succinctly. It was freakin’ dark and stormy. Sheesh.

Anyway, not really much else to say about this man. Hope he is well and happy and I will make it through this book.

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