>Here are a few updates of things going on in my life.

  • 8 Days Left of this turnaround. Holy spam on a cracker people, I’m wiped out. My job isn’t even particularly tough these past couple days. But I have ceased to have a personality anymore. Although I am getting more secure in my job…which usually tends to mean sometime soon I will make a mistake and feel like the slow 3rd cousin who wants to play with the cool kids but doesn’t fit in. (next morning update: it happened. I *AM* the slow 3rd cousin who doesn’t fit in. Not only did my counterpart on nights bust out with a splendiferous statistical analysis with pretty graphs but I have to order a re-test on my proficiency stuff cause I counted too many fibers. *sigh* I was feeling pretty good there for a bit.)
  • I live on an island and yet I am freakishly pale. I find this annoying, just sayin.
  • At the end of March two of my friends are coming to visit! YAY! And I am attempting to take the entire time they are here off. I need a vacation like…I’m too tired to come up with an analogy that is how much I need a vacation.
  • I have new neighbors (crap, did I say this already, I think I did…?) anyway, they are very nice people. (okay, just went and looked and no, I have not told ya’ll about my new neighbors) The guy is in the military doing something military-y and his fiance and daughter are with him. So, know how normally I don’t so much like kids mainly because I don’t know how to deal with them. Well this kid is nice–she likes my dogs. It turns out I can put up with pretty much anyone if they like my dogs. Anyway, the same neighbors are attatched to me, these new neighbors are in the ‘main’ house. *shrugs* everyone is fairly nice but this leads to drama regarding the landlord cause he doesn’t have a place to stay when he flies on island. This leads to drama at a friends house and gosh darnit–other people’s drama is always funnier than drama in your own life.
  • Speaking of drama in my own life: 1. the houses’ septic system backed up. It was….unpleasant. However I did learn that showering outside (yes, there is an outdoor shower) is not entirely unpleasant. It is kind of fun to look up at the stars while rinsing out your hair. and 2. equally shitty (didya like how I tied it all in there? didya? 😉 ) I offended people. I know, I know. I cannot live my life this mouthy and not expect to piss a few people off. And the more comfortable I get in a place the mouthier I get (just ask my old co-workers). Sure, most of the time when you call someone a jackass to their face it is taken in stride…here’s the thing, not. always. 🙂 *deep sigh* So, yeah–I was dealt that blow which is the social equivalent of a professional blackballing–The Facebook Deletion

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Anyway, live and learn and really all is going fairly well. I’m tired…but nothing a week off in the sun can’t cure.



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