>Stuff I miss…

>So. last week due to a rush of depressed homesickness I was sad. Not even just sad but S.A.D. However then I got some rest and felt much better. You all know I miss my friends and family and most of all my husband (no, still have no answers for you yet regarding him moving here. yes, he wants to be here. yes, we still love each other. no, this is no way to have a marriage. yes, it *does* suck, thank you for noticing. all we need to do is win the lottery and all will be well.) but this is a list of the material items I miss from the states.

  1. my dentist–I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in over a year. It is driving me nuts. I am looking for a dentist on island–just haven’t found one yet.
  2. taco bell–seriously, you don’t know how much you miss convenient drive thrus until you don’t have them anymore.
  3. dunkin donuts–*sigh* the coffee…the donuts…what more could you ask for?
  4. Chicago Water–just the water from the tap–yum. with flouride. double yum. Don’t get me wrong, I have enough gut bacteria now that I am fairly certain I could digest bone and get nutrition out of it. mmmmm, bird poop/lizard poop/frog eggs = well populated gut. For those of you unaware I use cistern water. I used to drink it. But now I just use it in applications such as toothbrushing, showering, pasta cooking, or anything thing I’m boiling and oh yeah, ice cubes–because they are conveniently made in my freezer. See, one day I thought, huh…cistern water. Then I called someone up in the environmental department and said, “so…do you drink your cistern water?” The answer was a stringent “NO”. Then I said, “but hey–you have an automatic icemaker too.” She answered, “yeah, but I usually only add ice to alcohol and other than that I just don’t think about it.” Okay…a scientific approach I can get behind.
  5. Any store other than Kmart. I do, I used to LOOOOOOVE going shopping at Target. So much crap, so little time.
  6. Thai Food — okay, in theory there is a thai restaurant on island, I just haven’t gone there yet. But in Chicago, there was thai every other street over. I also miss good Chinese Food–that’s right Moon Temple in Berkeley, IL–I miss you AND your Sinagpore Noodles!

See, nothing too drastic. 🙂

Gawd I can’t wait for this turnaround to be over so I can enjoy some of the reasons I LIKE being here.


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