>Sorry, sorry…

>So, I know it's been a while. Honestly, I just haven't felt like writing much. I was almost to the point of blogging my internal monologue–which, lemme tell ya, not exciting. Do you really wanna know that today I skipped breakfast and then had to snarf a granola bar at around 10:30 to stop my stomach from growling? Or that last night my new neighbors brought me spaghetti and it made me wonder what it is about me that screams out, "unable to find food"?

Amusing, yes–hoo-larious, no.

I guess part of the reason I've been embracing this writers block is that I am hesitant to write about work on this blog. Recently, one of my favorite bloggists (2birds1blog.com) got fired due to hers. Damn shame, especially because I found her explanations of Boss #1 and Boss #2 hoo-larious.

But, things are a' hattenin. I am having HOUSEGUESTs. Two lovely ladies I have known for years (who have both been here before) are coming back. Let the debauchery/hoolarity/vacation begin!

Oops, not yet. 2 more days of work first.

Both fly in on Friday.

Yippeeee vacation.

Yippeeee friends.

Yippeeee obnoxiousness.

Ooops. Not yet. Sorry. 2 more days of work.

THEN the loud fun-ness of Not reading my email and Not looking at text messages and Singing (yes, we sing) and Joyful vacation shall commence.

*minor preemptive happy dance*



Fun later.

Not now.



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