>I have found the key to happiness. Sure, I don't get another weekday off for 7 months BUT today (people–get excited), today I found at Office Max a giant tub of individually wrapped twizzlers and a box of purple pens.
~performs happy dance~
The twizzlers just make me happy because they are delicious and I haven't had a piece of licorice the whole time I've been on island (I've only seen ginormous bags of twizzlers for like $20-i couldn't commit to that many).
The purple pens make me happy cause 1. they were $2 for 12 of them and 2. They are going to make my sarcastic co-worker a little more insane. Some of my greatest joys in life are hearing him say in a shocked hissing tone, "inappropriate" at one of my horrifyingly inappropriate stories or when he stomps around the lab stating–"why are there no NORMAL-colored pens here!"

Sleep well ya'll!

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