>Why I’m grateful…

>There are many things I'm grateful for these days, ready?

1. I have some amazing friends-seriously! I have 2 friends that have been all over the flood cleanup in Illinois. Also-i have one friend/co-worker (yes, the sarcastic one) who removed the beeping from my emergency battery backups. It makes power outages more peaceful. There are many other wonderous people out there and I am SO lucky to have them.
2. Noise cancelling earphones. Best things ever.
3. I love my job AND I have a job in this economy. I am so freaking lucky and blessed about that.
4. Diet coke..that fizzy dark delicious soda often makes my day better.
5. My pets make me laugh every freakin day; I am so lucky I get to laugh.

I have many more things to list; I'm just working on a few at a time. 😀
Goodnight everyone!
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