>My day…

How's tricks everyone?
So, tropical storm Colin was all organized, then he got all discombobulated, now he's trying to get his shit back together. I feel that storms pain. I have been a busy little bee lately. Work work work, then some more work.
Today however, today I rocked some serious awkward…and lord I know how much ya'll enjoy my awkward.
So I now share an office with the sarcastic coworker, and it's been awesome (for me) except when he hasn't had coffee cause then he is a little bitchy. 😛
Seriously though. It's been great. I feel more a part of the "team" and I'm more focused being around sarcasmo and the boss. So. Yep, today.
Before I get to the extra embarrassing part–here's a little nibble: during a coversation between Sarcasmo, me, and Boss, I used the phrase, "rockin' it old school industrial hygiene." Then heard what the hell just came out of my mouth, looked up in horror and said, "please kill me, I don't know why I am THAT geeky. "

Then later Sarcasmo and the Boss were chatting about some work we are setting up. Here is what I heard, "tech tech tech, bucket, tech tech important words, chemical tech tech chemical tech magic flapjack important tech doom"
So, after the boss left and I went into the bathroom to pee, send my best friend the text message "am I dumb?", and then slumped back to my desk. I flopped into my chair dramatically and said, "Sarcasmo?, does Boss ever make you feel stupid?" And just as the word stupid came out of my gaping maw guess who walks into the office–yup, Boss. I looked at Boss, turned bright red and said, "uh. Uh. Uh. I was just. Uh talking about you and wondered if. Uh I was. Uh." Then gave up talking and applied my head to my desk repeatedly. Thankfully I write better than I talk and managed to explain to Boss that I was concerned I didn't know enough about the refining processes, he said nice things, I got all glowy and happy and then I twiddled with a powerpoint until 7:30.
So now I'm home in bed and sleepy.
Have a great night everyone.

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