>an essay on feminism (with no good answers)

>An essay on feminisim…(with no concrete answers)

I am a feminist. I truly believe women have the right to be whatever they want to be whether that be a housewife, CEO, garbage collector, prostitute, doctor, you get the idea—whatever they want to be.

I recall an “anti-feminist” movement back when I was in college; women afraid to declare that they were feminist because they really didn’t understand what being a feminist meant.

And there is the crux of my problem—do I know what feminism means? I have a tendency to get by in this world using my charisma as opposed to my education. I’ve been known to utilize every trick in the book from blatant flirtation to aggressive behavior to being more like a fraternity brother than a girl to get sampling done and or to get people to listen. It’s never thought out; I just sort of passively read people and then behave the way I intuit will get me what I need.

Some people are HARD for me to read. My current boss is impossible for me to read and in some ways for me that is ideal. It forces me to be a better employee and a better scientist. But holy hell is it frustrating to have someone I can’t read to report to. It causes me to be nervous every single time I have to interact with him.

So, speaking of my current working situation—I think the other day I was treated to a little gender discrimination. It shocked the living crap right out of me. It was assumed I couldn’t do something because I am a girl. It was unexpected and made me uncomfortable.

Men and women are very different – physically, emotionally, and chemically. Does that mean one is naturally better as some things than others—probably. Does that mean we have to conform to conventional gender roles—nope.

Do I have any answers?—nope. I just find myself contemplating these things sometimes.


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