>Is there anything in this world less motivating than motivational posters? I didn’t think so either. I’ve never been a fan of such dripping obvious schlock. However, I’d never really been subjected to them either. The other day something horrible happened. The local admin brought in a framed copy of some motivational poster for us to put in our office. *blink* really? Us? Me and the officemate (aka Sarcasmo) who go out of our way to write buzzwords in a mocking manner on the whiteboard in our office (synergy, cooperation, paradigm shift, strategery…wait, that ain’t one—you get the idea)?
The dark horror was prevalent in our office. We didn’t want it.
It sat on a chair…looking at us.
Okay, I’m being a wee bit melodramatic; but it was annoying. So we zipped down the hallway and crowded into our boss’ office doorway and said “do we have to?” to which he said, “Nope”. The offending poster was taken away…they still haunt the hallways though. If a poster was wall I needed to become motivated…

Should anyone wish to giggle you can Google “demotivators” and see what I wish was all over my walls.


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