>Industrial Hygiene Mascot

>Okay, in all seriousness I am guessing at the species of gecko as the star of this little story with this “borrowed” image from the internet. But it was an odd moment in my career and felt the need to share–visual aids always help. My sarcastic co-worker has been on vacation and this has led to much more interaction with my boss. During one of our famously awkward conversations I needed to get the keys to the IH-mobile (like the bat-mobile but with way cooler toys). He reached into his pocket to pull them out and I stepped forward. A weird series of occurrences happened almost in slow motion. His hand grabbed keys, he reached keys to me, a gecko jumped off the keys onto the floor, and to my horror my shoe came damn close to squashing the little gecko. I threw myself backward and the gecko ran for cover. Boss looked at me; I looked at Boss. Boss asked, “did that just come out of my pocket?” I replied, “i think so”. It. was. weird. So about a week goes by and who do I see today? Gecko–alive and well and chillin’ in the corner of my office. Although we were insanely busy I still went and showed the boss who declared we have a mascot. So, I am aware this is an inane story–but I have a boss who has lizards in his pocket. How many people can say that? exactly.

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