>Still alive!

>So. For about a week I've been looking for funny things to write about (there have been many) or long descriptive stories about me moving (which I HATE moving btw) or even some negative stuff about my old neighbors and/or old landlord. I have had no time. None. Nada. Work has been crazed–so intense that I have entered a very zen place about how much there is to do. The way I see it one day I will just become buried in the paperwork and just take a nice long nap.

Mmmmmmmm. Nap.

For those of you not in the loop my mother is in town. I flew her in to help me with the move. I needed help badly and YAY! she delivered. We were packed and out (mostly) of the old apartment within days of her arrival. And the new house….oooh, the new house. Allow me to sing its many praises: a roof that does not leak, a bathroom that does not flood, rooms with doors. Okay, yes, it has its downsides, but in general I'm VERY happy.

The dogs are thrilled too. They have a GIANT yard to run around in.

Pictures will follow once I have a minute to breathe. But where I have moved I am MUCH happier. 🙂



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